Barber School

In our school you will learn all the basics that will allow you to work in the future in most barbershops and salons in our country and abroad. An individual approach to each student will maximize the consolidation of the information provided.

Within two months you will find: a course on service and work with a client, extended haircuts with scissors, basic and advanced techniques for working with a clipper, beard haircuts taking into account individual characteristics of a person and a real traditional shave! Thanks to our cooperation with leading companies in the field of hairdressing tools, you can purchase your tool from us at prices that are significantly lower than market prices.

The total cost of a two-month course is UAH 20,000. 13 demonstrations and 30 hands-on sessions. After training, you will be able not only to cut correctly and with high quality - you will know how to choose a haircut for a person, taking into account the wishes and characteristics of everyone.

Our course is designed for the maximum number of practical lessons. Moreover, we ourselves provide you with a model for practice - this is one of the main advantages of our school, since only a few can provide such conditions! At the end of the training, we provide a certificate of completion of our courses and help you with employment.

Course for 2 months: 7 topics - 10 workouts - 30 lessons

Help with the choice of tools.

Service - 1 lesson
Haircut with a clipper - 3 lessons
Long haircut - 7 sessions
Machine (fade, taper) - 7 lessons
Adaptation - 4 lessons
Beard trimming - 4 lessons
Dangerous shaving - 4 lessons

Telephone for communication and additional information: 096 182 42 62



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